Foggy Night In September

I had been hanging out with some friends. Midnight was approaching and I was already dead tire from a week of classes, work, and projects.

walking to my truck I was enveloped by the most fantastic fog. I felt like I was in a film noir. I started thinking "I only get so many long foggy nights in a lifetime." My fathers voice echoed thought my head "you can sleep when your dead, boy..." So I grabbed my camera equipment.

I drove around town looking for the perfect desolate place to work. I found an empty parking lot that was alive with shadows. As I set up my equipment I could hear the whispers in the night all around me.

I took exposure after exposure constantly looking over my shoulder. I wandered upon a tree suspended in mist framed by two buildings. I had a close encounter type thing when I decided to move the tripod during an exposure. The bright red letters of the china cafe drew me in like some sort of moth. Every unappealing thing in town had found a particular luster in the fog.

I found a pay phone, maybe the last of its kind in the community. It was standing alone next to a road. It's broken receiver hanging from the relic. I felt like the pay phone and I had a lot in common as 5 am approached.

I spent my last hour playing paparazzo to a car wash. The little flashing battery symbol had told me it was time to go home for the night. I drove home slowly thinking about how great nights like that happen rarely these days.

I walked in my house and I was greeted by daisy. She gave me this look that seem to say "please don't work on those photos tonight..." It was all I could do to put myself to sleep.

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