A Life Lesson: Business Cards

I use to have what I thought was a nice business card. It had some graphics on the front. I had taken some inspiration from point and shoot cameras from a different era, there was a circle on the front to represent a lens, and a QR code for the flash, and my information of course. I sent my little design off to Vistaprint and found out it was a lot cheaper per unit to take a thousand of them rather than one hundred. So I pulled the trigger on a thousand of them.

A few days go by and I receive my long narrow box of business cards. I pull one out, give it a look over, and I feel like someone, not an individual but and actual someone.

A couple of months pass. I had been giving them out around my home town. Everyone seem to love them. It made me feel good to pass them around. I’m guessing in a small town it doesn’t take very much to pass as quality business card design though.

The night everything changed I was hanging around Cincinnati with a good friend. We decided we should go out and see what the night had to offer. I ended up running into this girl that I thought might make a good model for some upcoming projects. I reach into my wallet and pull out one of my business cards, I hand it to her, and she takes it. Without even glancing at it she crumples it up and tosses it to the ground. (At the time I think it was in slow motion.) Needless to say I was a little fired up in the moment, but in my moments of reflection it was all clear to me. If it would have been an impressive business card she wouldn’t have did that.

I went back to the drawing board and ended up designing a solid black card, gold accents, and an art deco design. (I designed my website and card around each other.) Another thing that crossed my mind is the feeling of the card. When the woman crushed it she obviously felt it. I decided to go with a different kind of paper, a kind that I’m pretty sure had some cotton with in the paper fibers, and had a much more pleasant fell than the super gloss monstrosity she had crumpled up and thrown to the ground.

These days I can walk up to someone and hand them a quality business card that their actually pretty impressed with.

If you take nothing else from my business card story just remind yourself how important a quality product is in life.

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