Moon Rings

Recently I've been getting some questions about how I created a series of photos depicting rings of light. These aren't solar eclipse photos as so many have thought so far. In the following tutorial I'm going to explain exactly what they are.

How to make your own moon rings:

Items you will need:

1. A tripod

2. A camera

3. A prefurably wide angle lens

4. A moon lit night

How to take your moon ring photo:

1. Set up your tripod and camera

2. Make sure the moon is close to directly over head

3. tilt your lens 90̊ (straight up)

4. Make sure you have a longer exposure set (mine was 20-30 seconds)

5. Start rotating your camera on the top of your tripod

6. If you want crisp rings try to keep the tripod from shaking while you're rotating your camera

7. If you would like to have burst of light at places around your moon rings simply stop rotating the camera for a few seconds and the moon will burn itself in the image

8. Be creative and experiment!

Note: Different weather conditions, exposure times, Lenses, and Equipment may result in different outcomes!

For more photos, blogs, and tutorials go check out Burtonyin Photography's Facebook Page

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