That Time Lightning Bugs Got In The Photo

It was a late spring night right on the cusp of summer actually. The weather was nice and warm spring showers had moved out of the area. The sun was staying up later and later every day. I had decided it would be a nice night to take my photography equipment to the lake and do some long exposures of the stars.

I arrived at the lake sometime around midnight. It was apparently the peak lightning bug mating season. One of the hills close by was lit up with a sea of green flashes. I feel like there was enough light that I could have walked the the forest with no problem at all that night. The green lights we're an amazing site to behold I took a photo but it really doesn't do the experience any justice, maybe if I would have took a little extra time with the photo.

I turned my camera around to take a few long exposures of the lake while watching the hills light up. sometime during the exposure the lightning bugs ended up moving from the hill to the lake. once my exposure was done I looked at the photo on the LCD and a number of them had made it into the picture. Nothing but lightning bugs and stars. I thought it was pretty neat to be honest.

Other than the lightning bugs doing their thing it was a pretty uneventful night, no cars passing, no weird things coming out of the woods, just a peaceful experience.

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