That Time I Almost Got Mugged

So I had traveled to northern Kentucky to take my dad to a basketball game. The game was Northern Kentucky University vs. Morehead State University (our home school). I thought why not it was the perfect opportunity to do something with my dad and go visit with some old friends at the same time.

This was my first time being on the campus of NKU and I remember thinking "sooo much concrete" other than that it seemed nice. I was pretty impressed by the Norse's (or Scandinavians as Merrian-Webster tells me to say) gym complex. It was a nice sized area, well lit, nice concession stands. We sit there chomping on our hot dogs as future NBA'er Kenneth Faried took the floor. I couldn't for the life of me tell you who won the game. I do remember the have time show being these border collies that did a Frisbee show that was pretty amazing.

After the game my buddy looks at me and ask me if I brought my camera equipment, I did. He was wanting me to go down town Cincinnati and take some photos of fountain square. Keeping it mind it's between midnight and 1 A.M. I told him as long as I had someone to watch back while I'm shooting. Dad chimes in "I'll do it" and I'm thinking "great that was easy."

We get down town and I'm gathering up my photography equipment out of my buddy's car, I notice my dad isn't moving. I ask "you getting out?" and he replies with "Who me? I'm not getting out..." and I'm thinking "well that's just great..." So I just took my stuff and walked off into the darkness of downtown Cincinnati with enough camera equipment to fill your pockets at the pawn shop.

I take my photos of the fountain with no problem. I walk around and start taking some photos of near by buildings. Shooting is actually going pretty nice other than the 12° wind working it's way down my collar which I'm gonna lie it was simi-refreshing at the time. I'm messing around and I'm getting lost in my photography.

I see the perfect shot, I'm looking east from the Fountain and I see 80 feet of sidewalk, a bus stop with a bus sitting at it, and the moon rising above the city, and one lone homeless guy walking down the middle of the sidewalk. Now I'm no expert at big city life but I would assume the middle of the sidewalk is going to be a lot windier than the side next to the building, so it strikes me as odd that he's walking down the middle.

I'm sitting up for my long exposure and the guy keeps getting closer and closer so everything in my mind is screaming "what's this dude doing..." Eventually I'm looking the guy right in the eye as he reaches out and grabs me by the arm... I gave him a death stair and said in my crazy/stern voice (you better keep walking...) He lets go an disappears around an alley.

so I pull out my phone and I call my buddy "you get back here now dude!" I'm just expecting some folks to come back with the dude I just ran off. Turns out my buddy is shopping over the river with my father and it's going to be like another 30 minutes before I get picked up. I buttoned up my coat, lowered my head, and kept my eyes on my surroundings. 45 minutes later at roughly 3 A.M. Here comes a white Galant easing around the corner, and I could hear my dad and buddy giggling like school girls before they even reach me.

After my little experience we drive back to his house and we're done for the night.

For more photos check out Burtonyin Photography's Facebook Page

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