Maysville, Ky River Front

Some Friends and myself decided to drive up to Maysville recently to have some dinner at one of the local restaurants for dinner. I was thinking if I'm going to be that close to the river why not go down to the river front for a little bit and take some long exposures so I gathered my camera equipment.

We got to Maysville had our dinner, made our way down to the river front, and almost got side swiped by a car that came out of nowhere. The cold fall nights had just started sitting in and there was a cold wind blowing in from the river. We walked by some kids trying fish at the river and they gave me some odd looks packing my hand full of photo equipment.

I walked around the dock for some time taking exposure after exposure, as the kids that were fishing kept staring at me. I ended up at the far end of the dock and captured one of the dipper (the big one if I had to guess) in one of my exposures. After a few exposures I ended up walking to the other end of the dock where the kids were fishing.

I was taking a long exposure under the bride when one of the kids yells "what are you doing!!!" I told them I was taking photos, and that's when I got the third degree from them. The kids started yelling at me about how terrorist take photos of bridges at night and how the local sheriff had caught a terrorist close by taking photos. I cracked some kind of joke and one of the kids yelled "what did you say!!!" and I told him I was joking and the kid said "Good! Cause I was about to beat you up!" and I'm thinking the whole time this is coming from a couple of what looked to be 10-12 year old's with no supervision down at the river front talking like this to some guy just minding his own business... Also I was dressed in a cut off flannel shirt with a tracker supply hat on and some ripped up blue jeans, not really the terrorist look...

I ended up going about my business and it was shortly after walking away an adult emerged from the other side of the flood wall and got the kids, the adult gave me a weird look as the kids talked to them and then they all left fairly quickly, and I just kept taking my long exposures. Before long I figured it was time to leave so I packed up my stuff and met up with my friends again. We had not more than got on the road out of town when some dude was riding our bumper and blowing his horn and passed us on a double yellow line, so it was a weird night for my buddy driving as well.

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