Experiments with light and Time: Cave Run & Alyssa

I took few hours the other night and went to Cave Run Lake to do some Experimental photography with my assistant, Alyssa. It was a nice crisp cool fall night, the milky way stretched across the sky, hot chocolate warming the hands. It was the first time I had been out there late at night with my new glasses, I was a little over whelmed by the amount of stars filling the sky, It was nice.

The photo above is something I got to try from my photographic bucket list. I placed my camera on the bulb setting, I focused my lens on Alyssa. I took a flash on it's lowest setting just to burn her into the image. It was dark enough that I could refocus my wide angle lens to infinity, and point it towards the north star. Then I just let the stars do their thing for the next 11 or so minutes. Just enough time to have a discussion about life and the pursuit of happiness sitting on the tailgate of my truck.

We spent a couple hours hanging around the lake taking long exposures, chatting it up, drinking hot chocolate, and listening to the waves crash against the shore. As it crept closer to midnight we had to make our way back towards home being a work night and all.

I pulled up to her apartment and I saw the street lights and the shadows and it was calling my name, so I talked Alyssa into staying up a little longer and taking a few more photos with me. we ended up using a pin light to do a couple light trails.

Eventually I ended up doing a little light graffiti myself on the side of one of the buildings downtown in Morehead. I wrote "WAKE UP" sort of a personal slogan, so many people miss out on so many great parts of life by not being willing to get out of their comfort zone and experience them. They don't slow down to take the time to look at the world around them.

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