Homecoming: An American Tradition

Last week I got to take part in one of my favorite traditions, A good old fashion homecoming parade. All the towns people show up to watch vintage car after vintage car moving slowly down main street as they toss candy to their bright eyed children. The leaves had just started changing a couple weeks prior, the wind is starting to carry a chill along with it, and the marching band is gearing up for a rivalry as old as homecoming itself.

The politicians showed up telling the community how they we're fighting for them but now real answer on how they plan to do that. The shiners are always a welcome site in their custom cars and fezzes. The cheerleaders never cease to amaze me with their high flying antics with no safety net but the asphalt.

Sometimes people ask me why I care about Homecoming and the parade, sometimes I want to pose the question "why don't you care?" To me it's a sign of good faith in humanity, everything can become watered down though out the years, but to me homecoming stands the test of time. At it's fundamentals it's a mix of very few things: home town/alma mater pride, there's always an antagonist in the rivalry team, and it's pure wholesome old school style fun. You don't have to be a party animal to enjoy it, just sport some school colors and join in with some old friends for a dinner it makes for a really enjoyable event. Don't let your friends say they have to work either, they have the rest of the life work, you only get so many homecomings with your people.

Check out some more Morehead State homecoming photos at the Burtonyin Photography Facebook page

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