The Lovely Alyssa

This past weekend I have the privilege of doing a photo shoot with my friend Alyssa. I had all intentions of doing a Carrie themed shoot with a prom dress drenched with fake blood. Alyssa and I went to our local goodwill and picked out the perfect prom dress, light pink with some sort of shawl thing with it that made it perfect.

Then we when to Halloween express for a "jug-o-blood" and came back to town. We found the perfect dark alley where I set up one of my flashes to pull her out of the shadows a bit. I thought it might be a good idea if we did a little "prom" shoot before we ruined the dress, so I spend the hour doing glamour shots.

After the prom shoot I had all intentions of pouring that jug-o-blood on her dress, I was in the middle of taking the foil from under the lid when I decided I couldn't do it because the dress looked too nice... I guess I sissyed out on that one but at least I got to do the "prom" shoot, and Alyssa got a new dress.

Check out some more of the photos from that shoot at the Burtonyin Photography Facebook Page

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