I was waiting for a friend to show up at my place the other day. I walked out to my truck to get something and I noticed a small jumping spider on my motorcycle having a grand ol time hoping from chrome to leather. Being the photographer I am there's no way I was going to let this pass me by, so I walked in the house grabbed my 40 year old macro lens and proceeded to shoot away. I spent a good 15 minutes with the little guy until he vanished in a single hop.

I started looking around to see what else I could shoot and I saw this tiny speck on my pickup that just happen to be some sort of leaf hopper so I did a photo shoot of it as well, up until the point that it didn't want to be be photographed any more.

I walked around a few more minutes since I was already in the mood to shoot and I ended up coming across two more jumping spiders and some sort of fly that was unknown by me, again the fly was a speck on my motorcycle.

It turned out to be a really good Insect/spider day I ended up spending another 8 hours or so walking around some local ponds looking for different things things to shoot you can check out my other photos from that day over at the Burtonyin Photography Facebook page.

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