Ohio Renaissance Festival

Have you ever been to the Ohio renaissance Festival? If you want a nice fall experience for the family and you're anywhere near Harveysburg, OH, you should take some time and make a day of it.


A group of friends and myself went this past weekend. There was something for everyone. as soon as you enter the castle gates you're sent to a different world where whoever can become whatever. lots of people dress up for the occasion whether it be something period correct or something of pure fantasy everyone is welcome.

Village Street

At the Renaissance Festival you'll find a number of stage shows going on at any given moment which include comedy acts, feats of acrobatics, bands, and even an authentic joust! the complex is littered with all kind of shops selling anything from ear rings and queens tea (honey mead and wood chuck), to hand blown glass ornaments and horned helmets.


If you plan to go but haven't made it yet don't worry according to their website they're going to be open until October 23rd 2016. So make your plans and stop by and get yourself a huge Turkey leg and enjoy life! For the record the pork bbq was also amazing!

If you would like to see More photos from the Ohio Renaissance Festival go check out my album over @burtonyinphotography on Facebook

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