Hey there,

I'm Christopher "Burtonyin" Burton. I'm a systems specialist, a photographer on the side, and a publisher when I should be sleeping. I firmly believe that if someone has the proper drive in life they can accomplish anything they've set out to do.

I had never edited a publication in my life until nearly five years ago when I sit down and though sheer determination created the first issue of Cavalletto Magazine. I didn't know anything about InDesign, I didn't know anything about font matching, I didn't even know what size font should be. I made a list of things I could include in the issue, two weeks later I had a cheap black and white copy in my hand for editing.

Early 2019 my father came to me wanting to create a book of poems. I had never laid out a book before, but I learned. A week after he came to me I had designed a cover, laid out the inside of the book, took his author photo, had a proof copy in hand, and formed a small publishing company called Cavalletto Press.

Over the years I've taken a few classes and taught myself other things I wanted to know. Each day I design something new that's a little better than the day before. 


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